2023 Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update - Steering Committee


The  Steering Committee is made up of 19 members from various demographics of the community.  Additional participants include a few members of administration and consultants -- which are tasked with leading the committee. 

This marks the beginning of an exciting 12-month journey to update the Village of Richfield’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  The existing plan was adopted by the Village Planning Commission in November 2013, and it replaced the previously adopted plan from the late 90s.

You might ask yourself, “what is a comprehensive land use plan and why does the Village need one?” A comprehensive plan, or also called master plan, is just that -- an all-inclusive plan that examines every aspect of the Village and provides policies/goals for each category of study. 

For example, the plan will examine housing types and associated densities specifically related to senior citizens.  This is particularly important because according to the United Census Bureau, more than 50% of the Village’s population is aged 55 and older.  It’s critical to understanding the needs of this population and address those needs through the formation of defined policies to follow over time. 

A comprehensive plan is not a legal document like a Zoning Code. Rather it is a policy document that guides the eventual formation of laws implemented through the Zoning Code.  A comprehensive plan assists local government officials to make informed decisions on behalf of the public. It helps avoid arbitrary decision-making because formation of the plan is founded in a public process that defines the very “blueprint” of how a community will grow over time.

This page will include information covered during the Steering Committee meetings -- such as meeting agendas, recordings of meetings, and workbook documents. Check back often to see exciting updates!   

Steering Committee Meeting #1 - March 1, 2023

Steering Committee Meeting #2 - April 5, 2023