2023 Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update


The purpose of this plan is to propose uses of land and transportation improvements based upon analysis of existing conditions and potential changes.   The plan reflects perceived community values and goals. When adopted the plan becomes a guide for all decisions regarding capital improvements, zoning, subdivision regulations and other land management legislation.  Planning is a continuing process. Therefore this plan should be examined periodically and revised in ten years or sooner if conditions change from what is now anticipated.

Context for Planning

The Village Charter directs the Planning and Zoning Commission to “Plan the overall growth, development, redevelopment, rehabilitation, and renewal of the Municipality, inaugurate studies, conduct surveys, hold public hearings, develop plans and maps, and prepare reports that are necessary to the Commission’s function.”

This 2007-2020 Comprehensive Land-Use Plan is the latest in a series of planning studies since the Village was created forty years ago. Earlier efforts include the Comprehensive Plan of 1967, 1979 Land-Use and Thoroughfare Plan, Plan for Sanitary Sewers 1989, the Corridor Plan for Brecksville Road 1992 and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan 1997-2007 adopted in 1997.

However, Richfield does more than plan; the Village traditionally has taken the next steps to making plans a reality.

Supported by Village Council, the Commission has prepared several amendments to the zoning code including provisions for conservation development, establishment of regulations for the Historic Town Center commercial districts with building and site design standards, the establishment of a riparian setback ordinance and a new sign ordinance. A complete revision of the zoning code was adopted in 2010.

Detailed project plans were initiated that include Streetscape Plans for the intersection of State Route 303, Broadview Road and Brecksville Roads and the plan for the Municipal Center. The results of the Streetscape Plan are visible at State Route 303 and Brecksville Road. The new Municipal building and safety building are results of the detailed project plans. Another study involved the planned interchange of I-77, I-80 (Turnpike) and Brecksville Road. The Turnpike Commission and the Ohio Department of Transportation accepted the Village’s proposal for the design at the interchange. Recently the Crossroad District Plan was completed and adopted by Council for the Wheatley Road Area.  Richfield Village Council adopted the Furnace Run Watershed Plan in 2012, which recommended high priority areas for conservation and for development within the watershed.

Finally, there have been several properties acquired over the past 10 years to allow for the expansion of the Village services including recreation and public service or conservation.

Current Planning Practices

The Planning and Zoning Commission conducts monthly “planning” meetings in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings. The agenda for these planning meetings include establishing Commission goals, review of zoning referrals by Council, discussions on comprehensive planning, evaluation of procedures, and study of a specific planning issue. Each year one or two field trips provide opportunities to assess previously approved plans, to inspect sites of proposed projects or to visit locations outside the Village to view other developments.  There are special meetings called, when needed, to discuss specific referrals by Council or to meet with an applicant regarding a proposed development. The commission relies on a thorough review of each application by the professional staff. Comments from each staff member are included in meeting material delivered to each Commission member prior to the scheduled meetings.  Additionally, members of the Commission also participate in county or regional planning seminars to keep informed of current and evolving issues in municipal planning.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan approved by Planning Commission and adopted by Council in November 2013.

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