Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome all volunteers! Where do your talents lie?

Driving Opportunity: Bus

Driver of 14 passenger bus needed to drive to fantastic day trips within the area. Members of the Richfield Senior Center travel to fun places, have a wonderful time, and return on the same day.  A CDL is NOT REQIRED.  Trips include:

  • Casinos
  • Concerts
  • Islands
  • Museums
  • Shopping
  • Zoos


Basic auto driver's license needed plus the ability to drive a large vehicle. This is a volunteer position, but there are tips, and a tremendous amount of fun.

For More Information

Call the Senior Center, 330-659-9203 or stop in Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Party People

Help host, plan, and work at parties and festivities.

Cooks and Bakers

Make things for festivities.

Cheers for the Volunteers

"Cheers for the Volunteers"

The library closed, the books were gone.

The place was empty when we came on.

Second hand furniture, recycled stuff.

We finally opened when we had enough.

We've had paid workers, through all the years.

But we'd be up the creek without our volunteers.

They deliver meals, they cook and they clean.

They volunteer their wheels, you know what I mean.

They do what we ask without a complaint.

They help hang a quilt or teach how to paint.

They'll fix it if it's broken and make it look like new.

Who are all these people? Well, guess what - it's you.

So enjoy your evening and have a good laugh.

For this meal was cooked by the hardly able cooking staff.

Composed by Nancy Hartman, our resident poet.

Volunteer Dinner

The 2012 Senior Center Volunteer dinner was a great time enjoyed by all!

'Volunteer": A person who enters or offers to enter into any community service of his or her own freewill for the benefit of his or her neighbor or friend for the helping and support of various events. A person that is held in high esteem by his or her fellow friends and neighbors.
A white room with overhead lighting, tables set with light green tablecloths and a variety of people