Water Meter Information

Requirements for Water Meters

  1. Water meter and outside remote meter reading system must be obtained through the Village of Richfield. A remote meter must be installed in conjunction with the water meter installation.
  2. Water meter and remote meter must be installed according to good plumbing practices and comply with all applicable plumbing codes.
  3. Water meter must be installed immediately after pressure tank and before any type of water treatment system.
  4. A bypass system around a residential water meter shall not be permitted.
  5. Outside hose connections will be permitted to be installed before the meter.
  6. Outside meter must be placed in a good accessible location.
  7. The village of Richfield is to be notified when a water meter is installed. The water meter installation needs to be inspected and a first meter reading taken.

Meter Costs

  • 3/4 Inch - $180
  • 1 Inch - $235
  • 3/4 by 5/8 Inch -  $165
(Add $20 to each if fittings are needed.)