Magical Butterflies

Watch for the 2017 magical butterfly program, which is a great family event! Help us raise and save the Monarch Butterfly at the Eastwood Reserve!

Adopting Caterpillars as a Family

Join Miss Ellen for our new Magical Butterfly Class which is not only open to children but to the whole family. Plan to join us in July and August as we "adopt" monarch caterpillars and help them grow into butterflies. Special instructions are provided as you learn about butterflies and how to raise them.

Butterfly Garden at Eastwood Preserve

Each family will receive three caterpillars to watch transform into beautiful butterflies. Eastwood Preserve has established a butterfly garden which contains the necessary milkweed plants. If you are not able to join us for the second class on August 1st you can release your butterflies at Eastwood Preserve on your own as well. This will help guarantee the return of the Monarch Butterfly to the Eastwood Preserve and strengthen the population of the species. Bring your own butterfly cage or rent one of ours.

Program Progress

Throughout the "Butterfly" season Mrs. Ellen and many other people have released approximately 80 butterflies at the Eastwood Preserve.  We hope that this is a great start to bringing back Monarchs to the Eastwood Preserve and to the local area.

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