13th Annual Magical Butterfly Camp!

Thirteenth Annual Magic Butterfly Camp! 

Please consider joining Miss Ellen and others in helping to raise Monarchs and help propagate our pollinators.  

When: Saturday, July 23, 2022 @ 9:30 am. rain or shine.

Where: Eastwood Preserve, off Route 303 in Richfield, in the garden.

How: Please visit the link below to register; cost is $15 per family. Cage rental is an additional $20 (refundable upon  return of the cage upon release of the butterflies. 

Adopting Caterpillars as a Family

Join Miss Ellen as we explore the wonderful world of butterflies. We'll visit Eastwood Preserve and look for different butterflies, caterpillars, and their favorite flowers. Each child will have his or her own caterpillar to feed, grow, and turn into a butterfly. Materials include: Caterpillars and some milkweed. Bring your own approved butterfly cage or rent one of ours. 

Butterfly Garden at Eastwood Preserve

Each family will receive three caterpillars to watch transform into beautiful butterflies. Eastwood Preserve has established a butterfly garden which contains the necessary milkweed plants. This will help guarantee the return of the Monarch Butterfly to the Eastwood Preserve and strengthen the population of the species. Bring your own butterfly cage or rent one of ours.

Program Progress

Throughout the "Butterfly" season, Mrs. Ellen and many other people, have released approximately 80 butterflies at the Eastwood Preserve.  We hope that this is a great start to bringing back Monarchs to the Eastwood Preserve and to the local area.

Click here for flyer!

  • Please register & pay for class online prior to event.
  • If renting a cage, cage rental fee is due day of event.  
  • You may also drop off your payment at Village Hall.

Thank You.

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