Adult Programs - Fitness Curtis

  1. Open Gym Membership

  2. Physical Fitness Classes

    Come and see what fitness classes and programs, taught by instructor Cindi Wilson, are available in the Richfield area.

  3. FitKare - Walk Live

    Check out the Bodies in Motion walking program offered through the Richfield Recreation Center.

  4. New Barre Fitness Class

    Our newest FULL BODY workout Barre Fitness Class! Incorporating ballet barre technique with yoga, Pilates, cardio and weight training tone and refine muscles. Any age or experience level is welcome.

  5. Massage

    We offer massages in a quiet setting; come and enjoy a relaxing massage or have one to work those tired muscles back into shape.

  6. Personal Training Classes

    If you feel the need to have a one on one training workout, then this program is for you.

  7. Tae Kwon Do - Mountain Martial Arts

    Come and learn the ancient discipline that martial arts offers along with the physical benefits we are all searching for.

  8. Health & Weight

    Certified health Coach, Vivian Sickels work with you for mindful eating practices. Enjoy more energy & drop a few pounds in the process in a no pressure guided approach.