Boards & Commissions

  1. Village Council

    Access important information like meeting times, membership, and more for the Village Council of Richfield.

  2. Board of Zoning Appeals

    Learn more about the Board of Zoning Appeals for the Village of Richfield.

  3. Cemetery Board

    The Cemetery Board serves as an advisor to the Mayor and Director of Public Service on the management, control and operation of all publicly-owned and/or publicly operated cemeteries and burial grounds located within the Village of Richfield.

  4. Charter Review Commission

    View information on the Charter Review Commission, which met in 2010.

  5. Human Services Commission

    The Human Services Commission serves the Village of Richfield in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and Council to recommend creation of programs and services to benefit the citizens of the village.

  6. Parks & Recreation Board

    The Parks and Recreation Board is responsible for general policy-making, planning, and has administrative power over all municipal parks, subject to the provisions of its Charter and appropriations of Council.

  7. Planning & Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission's powers and duties include planning the overall growth, development, redevelopment, rehabilitation and renewal of the Village.

  8. Records Commission

    Review important information on the Records Commission of the Village of Richfield.

  9. Richfield Joint Recreation District Board

    Check out the Richfield Joint Recreational District and the Board of Trustees who oversee it.

  10. Tree & Landscape Commission

    The Tree and Landscape Commission recommends to the Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission a streetscape tree and shrub planting and maintenance plan for the public ways of the Village, including landscape plans for the public areas of the Village, and more.